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I am delighted that you have come to visit our website and will be honored to receive a booking to photograph your maternity, new born baby or family. Please have a look around and feel free to send me an email or inbox me on my Facebook page if you have any questions.

Fraser Photography is a MAMAHOOD approved business. We are based in Fourways Johannesburg, South Africa and a large amount of my bookings come from moms who are members of the MAMAHOOD GAUTENG Facebook page. If you are a mommy and are not a member of the group – send them a request to join as they will be happy to have you as part of the very large family.


Newborn Photography

Baby is born, everyone is so excited and comes to visit while you are in the hospital or within the first few days after baby is born! Babies are only brand new for such a short time and this is the perfect time to have a shoot of your brand new bundle of joy so that the memories of how tiny they are stay with you forever! Photographing new born babies is so much fun and I just love how cute and sleepy they are 🙂 I have a cozy studio equipped with every prop, blanket and adorable outfit you will need. Mom can relax on the couch while I pose, dress and photograph your baby with all the care in the world, or you can be as involved as you would like to be. I understand how new everything is in those first few days and my intention is to make the time you spend in my studio as comfortable as possible with the end result of a beautiful album full of photos to keep you smiling for years to come :-)

Cake smash

This is the latest trend in child photography and keeps me entertained the whole way through the shoot. If you have not heard of a cake smash shoot before, here is the basic idea – set the scene with bunting, balloons, backdrops and a beautiful cake with lots of squishy icing… then add in a 1 year old baby dressed in the cutest little tutu or party hat and bow-tie. Sit back and watch how much fun this whole new experience will bring to your baby!
Cake smash shoots are normally booked around the time of the babies 1st birthday, but of course it could be done any time and for any age child 🙂
Oh and by the way – parents are advised to wear something that will look good covered in icing… all babies love a good cuddle after they have smashed their cake!

Birth Photography

Having a photographer present during the birth of your baby is a fairly new thing in South African hospitals. Until recently it was the paediatrician, anaesthetist or babies’ daddy that was in charge of the camera. It is one of the biggest moments in a parents life and every mommy loves looking baby over and over again at the photos of the moment they became a mom for the first or even 5th time. So why not have a professional photographer there to capture those special memories and let dad get back to the more important job of holding moms hand and saying all the right things :-)

Toddler Sessions

Kids grow up so fast and it is just the best job in the world to photograph them as they get bigger. I have many clients who come back every few months to capture those special growing moments. We can play dress up in the studio, a beautiful themed outdoor shoot or natural photos while playing in the park.

12 Month Growth Chart

This is a special package I offer to take a photo every month for the first year of your babies life. I then put them all together and print them on one big canvas. We will work out a theme and use the same prop, chair or teddy bear each month so that you can see how big the baby is getting.

Family Shoot

Parents also need to be in the photos occasionally, instead of always being behind the camera. It’s really fun to spend some time playing with your family on a blanket in the park, riding trains or posing like models in my studio while I click away.


They say a pregnant lady always glows… well, when you are weeks away from the birth of your baby, any mom will tell you that it doesn’t feel like any glowing is happening… but the truth is it really is there and once the baby is born and you look back on your maternity shoot photographs, you will see just how special that time was, and how great your big belly actually looked. I love seeing a soon-to-be mommy in the last stage of pregnancy and then follow up with the new born shoot a few weeks later! Of course dad and any siblings help make the photos seem a little bit more fun and special :-)

Birthday Parties

We have all been to birthday parties where the mom is running around trying to make sure everything is perfect and all the guests are happy and then dad is stuck on photo duty which he inevitably lets slide while he catches up with a few of his friends around the braai or finds himself at the face painting table getting matching princess faces with his 4 year old daughter 😉 So how about taking the photo capturing pressure away and hire a photographer? I love birthday parties – 2nd birthdays, bar mitzvahs, 21st and even 50th celebrations – I will capture every special moment during the party and you can get back to relaxing… or making sure the party packs have been handed out ;-)

Photo Booth

The only thing better than having a photographer at your party to make your life easier is having the photos of your guests printed and given directly to the guest before the party is over. My photo booth package is tapered to your specific needs with a personalised frame designed and printed on to each photo, a giant bag filled with props and different sized photo prints to choose from. This is just as popular at adult parties and corporate events as it is at 10 year old dress-up parties!

  • Being a first time mom I was nervous at our first born photo shoot. Clair was absolutely amazing at handling our tiny precious little girl. Ensuring the room temp was just right & that baby was cared for in every position. The photos came out perfectly, capturing a moment in time never to be forgotten. Thank you again Clair we look forward to many more photo shoots with you!

    Amy Harris